View Full Version : My Excuse Letter to my Teacher

03-04-2016, 01:57 AM
Dear Ms. Maguire,

I am SO SO sorry about not turning in the descriptions for the time machine project. I was distracted with the device itself, going to different times such as the Pearl Harbor Extravaganza and going back to World War II. But the most interesting thing about this, is that you can get rid of the people you don’t like. Yeah.
You know that 85 percent of this world’s people hate Donald Trump, right? I know, you too. So, why not talk about this fascinating adventure and leave the descriptions for later dates. So, I was typing years when I accidentally typed the year 1946. Surprisingly, I traveled back in 1946 inside a nearby hospital in Queens, New York. I see the name on the patient’s room and I see “Mary Anne Trump”. So, a clue that just popped in my mind is that, Trump is an unusual last name to have normally. So basically, I see Donald Trump in the nursery room and I grabbed him. I went to the nearby river in New York City when suddenly I heard Police and Helicopters. They were looking for Trump, and since it’s 1946, I tried to do a ritual that summons aliens from out of the sky. That exact moment, the aliens took Trump and left one blonde piece of hair from him. I was typing the years, and thankfully I went to the year 2016 before the Time Machine disintegrated of Time Policy. Luckily, I teleported near my house.
I mean, I know you're mad at me now, but I can make that assignment up by explaining three easy things to brainwash you. You may see a code at the end of the sheet for a $100 gift card to eat at McDonalds. You may also see that I took care of Donald Trump away from the Earth, literally, and Hillary is going to win. Plus, sorry for not turning the assignment in (even though I’m not sorry because I gave you $100 to feed yourself, your welcome).


03-04-2016, 02:08 AM
Travel back in time and finish your homework.