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03-15-2016, 05:11 AM
I permanently borrowed this off of some other forumer on another forum without giving them credit.

The Basics: Participants can choose to make up to 2 characters that follow the guidelines. I'll compile the valid characters and put them all into a random generator game thingy so that way we can make things interesting. Your character can be an entry of a character from another game you always dreamed you wanted in Smash or your own OC.

If you’re going to make a character, here are some guidelines:

- Don’t make an overpowered character. As a general rule of thumb, a character with a great strength is compensated with a great weakness (unless it is balanced)
- Don’t make the character TOO hard to use, or too unusual. That will get you down-rated.
- Rate characters made by users before you! At least rate 1 person on a scale of 1 through 10; 1 being the worst, 10 being the best.

Required Form:

If you are going to make a character, you MUST fill out ALL fields in the following form.

Rating of Above Character: This should be a rating out of 10.

Character (Name):
Bio (Background):

Size: I like to compare my characters to existing ones. As in, “He’s a bit taller than Ike.”
Speed: How fast is your character?
Weight: How much does your character weigh?
Strength: How much damage does your character do? You should give a general worded answer. You don't have too, but in your character attacks, try to list some ranges of percentages it deals.

A Button Attacks: Just give us a general idea of what they are and how much damage they do. You can generalize them all or list them one by one like the tilts, airs, smashes, and jab.

Neutral + B: What is your character’s standard B attack?
Up + B: What is your character’s Recovery attack?
Down + B: What is your character’s Down B attack? This is generally defensive.
Side + B: What is your character’s Side B attack?

Final Smash: When powered up by the Smash Ball, what is your character’s devastating FS?

Stage: Give us a brief description of your character’s stage.

Up Victory Taunt:
Side Victory Taunt:
Down Victory Taunt:

Remember, you can only make up to 2 valid characters!

Megazork's characters:

Character (Name): Berserker
Picture: http://img2.mmo.mmo4arab.com/feature/kritika/class/ragingberserker.jpg
Bio (Background): Kritaka Online. He is a raging warrior with a heavy, frightening blade. He wields it in a wild, devastating style.

Size: Like an inch shorter than Ganondorf
Speed: The same speed as Ike
Weight: As heavy as Ganondorf
Strength: Medium to Heavy damage in general.

A Button Attacks: Majority of the attacks hit in the 9-12% range. Smashes go for 23-24% damage, fully charged being 30%.

Neutral + B: Full Breaker: Berserker lifts the sword up and smashes the ground like Roy's shield breaker. Pressing neutral B once activates a normal slam. Holding it for a little gives it a double slam. Holding it to its full extent makes the Berserker slam the ground, causing a crevasse to open of red flames (causing additional damage). Starting lag is very minimal, however end lag is large and punishable.
Up + B: Tornado Slasher: A spinning recovery, the Berserker grabs the giant blade with 2 hands and spins with the blade. It is like Link's recovery.
Down + B: Crater Leap: The Berserker leaps into the air and slams back down with devastating damage. Using it while in air sends the Berserker flying straight down. Basically like Bowser's Down + B.
Side + B: Spiral Strike: Berserker does many back-flips while slamming the sword forward. Like the Mii's custom move, you can charge it for more lateral distance with the Spiral Strike.

Final Smash: EX Skill: The Berserker slashes the enemy back and forth 16 times and slams the sword onto them on the 17th blow.

Stage: A classic arena stage of the Kritaka game.

Up Victory Taunt: Berserker pumps his fist forward, with a menacing smile.
Side Victory Taunt: Berserker slids his hand across the side of the blade. He then points the blade provocatively
Down Victory Taunt: He sheathes his blade on his back and then clenches both fists. He roars into the air like a madman.

These submissions take some time so enjoy yourself while you make it. Once a lot of people get their submissions, we can do some mock matches. I'll put in my second character submission later.

03-15-2016, 11:15 AM
Deathshadow the Edgehog

Go fast (not as fast as sonic, but taller and about as strong)
Mega attack-deathshadow fleis in the air and kills everone

Taunt: haha ur noob

03-15-2016, 11:49 AM
Rating of Above Character:

Character (Name):
Patrikov. Can be named as "Pat"

will add soon probably

Bio (Background):
Second in-command of the Crusaders. Rumored to be a powerful god.

Size: As tall as a generic high school student.
Speed: Sluggish, but can dodge attacks well.
Weight: Normal weight of a high school student.
Strength: Comparable to an abnormally strong swordsman.

A Button Attacks: A generic left-handed punch. Deals at least 1-5% damage.

Neutral + B:
Pat will attack with his right hand, dealing 10-13% damage.

Up + B:
Pat grabs a child's helicopter hat and flies.

Down + B:
Pat covers himself in his cloak to decrease damage and knockback, but cannot be held too long. He hates it when his cloak gets dirty because of plebs. :^)

Side + B:
A slash from his sword. 10-20% damage.

Final Smash:
Death Mark, all opposing players are marked for death. Insta-kill if they're all hit, but Pat is more susceptible to damage.

Crusaders HQ
The lobby to be exact. Since the roof is high up, it's free to roam around and beat the competition to a pulp. Areo, Ray and Magnezone will be doing their usual paper work in the background.

Up Victory Taunt:
Pat spins his cloak around, looking like a helicopter taking off.

Side Victory Taunt:
Pat adjusts his bowtie and his suit. May also say, "Well, this was a disappointment."

Down Victory Taunt:
Pat does the Kazotsky Kick from Team Fortress 2, complete with the music. Keep holding to taunt longer.