View Full Version : my first poem EVER!

09-20-2013, 08:43 AM
Two cars

In life, you always come to the choice,
the choice of a red car,
or a blue car

The red one is mean,
and does not like to be controlled,

and the blue one, always ready to ride and mostly
with joy

its always your choice
its always part of life
one day its gonna come back

and you will be the one to regret
if you choose the car,
with the red color, and be with regret and sadness

or be riddled with joy,
in the blue car
and feel like the first to
travel far.

This poem is about cars because i love cars, and the morale is to make a good choice, as the red one is the bad choice and the blue is good. Inspired by "Two Roads" Tell me what you guys think of my VERY FIRST poem! And please, if you have something mean to say, ,like you suck or get a life, don't say it please :) -timewarper