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09-20-2013, 12:01 PM
Well this thread here is a story of how i took Disney Infinity (iPad version) to my 6th favorite game (BUSTING DUNGEON HUNTER OUT OF THE WAY WHAT?!?!?!?!)

Well it all started when i was viewing the appstore for new game's, then i noticed a Disney Infinity app at the corner of 'Games for your new iPad' section. And i dont know much about DI but i was pretty sure its all about adventure, fun, endless possibility, FREE TOADS?! So i download the game.. It took PRETTY long like... I dont know 7-9 hours luckily it was 2AM when i downloaded it and i woke up at 11:48am finding it done i started playing the game pretty excited and the well everything was sorta cool


And it seems that there are characters from Cars 1 & 2,Pirates of the carribeans, The Incredibles, and Monster Inc.
As i taped the screen i had to make an account, and i think Multiplayers coming out (soon) so i make it Jeremy012... But someone took that name already so i went with Jeremy0I2 PERFECT :cool:.
So i start the game and it looks like theres only a 'Toy box' option so... That sucks i thought there was gonna be adventure and all that (Basically if you dont know what Toy box is its a 'Creater your world' thing). So i start... Preparing to start my biggest adventure of virtual kiddie gaming :)

Well, it seems like i start out as Mr Incredible (and you have to buy your character Online btw) in a.. Large terrain thing thats..a flat surface with nothing in it, and a.. Thing the circle thing you see me on... Anyway 23 Minutes later i figured out how to do build and all the controls so i though.. Hey! Why not build one of those coasters cause i saw there were cars and tracks so. Why not?

So i did my world and here's some screenies of what i did :o

So heres what it looks like (the world)

And this is my Quaziño Gazibo



The enemy creator, or what i call it 'TAKBOAHHH!!!' :ninja: *do not click button*

You know this picture would be a lot cooler if i hadn't spilled water all over my bed...
Well thats all for know, but if you want the game its free until Octover 15!(IOS only) So i suggest grabbing it now if your interested in making a Kingdom

09-20-2013, 12:04 PM
I tried the game :/ it was a little boring without adventure mode

- - - Updated - - -

But if you like it, il have to give it another chance