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03-26-2016, 02:27 AM
What has this world come to, I think to myself on why players insist on cheating their way through games...
What's the point?
Honestly, what does that do aside from gaining you a few pixels that serve you no purpose in real life. You are not gaining anything aside from self satisfaction while at the same time taking it from someone who actually deserves it and earned it.
Now with every diamond there's someone out to steal it but why!? If you truly like the game why don't you set goals, do things on your own, and actually gain some thing that means something to you.
I'm not only talking about growtopia, I'm talking almost all online games and communitys.

The worst part about it is when people steal from games like Growtopia which are completely free and everything is earnable with some time and effort put in. Like honestly, you don't have to pay a dime to enjoy the game why steal items you can earn?
Sorry about the rant I just was thinking and decided to post it.

03-26-2016, 02:29 AM
Actually, they can sell those DLS for cash even though it is illegal and make some money IRL

03-26-2016, 02:36 AM
Take Amateurz for example. He sold DLS and WLS for loads of money on Paypal.

03-26-2016, 02:45 AM
Because then Amateurz will get the dls back plus some more for compesation from him. :3

03-26-2016, 02:53 AM
I mean i guess, but not many scam to sell they scam to have an item that they could of earned and kept a friendship.

03-26-2016, 02:58 AM
many people scam to sell, a while back with casinos. Investments as well. Famous and trusted people stabbed their idold behind their back and I doubt they gave it a second thought. The other group scams items and sells them to get rich and then when he/she becomes famous they find fancier ways to scam.