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Carlo Miguel Velasco
09-25-2013, 12:45 PM
Hello, I'd like to address this to Seth but I want the people to choose if its a good idea...

Well, I just opened my Inbox at Yahoo... to see over 6 000 E-mails I have... So I tried to filter to narrow it down and saw that I have 1 307 E-mails from RTsoft Forums(I know you people have the same status.) Well, I'm suggesting that you(Seth) make us choose whether we want E-mails to be sent to our Yahoo account to keep us updated what is happening in here(RTsoft Forums) or if we don't like it. Cause I'm having like 5~20 E-mails in here alone... computing that with one year and I'll get around THOUSANDS! Well, if my idea is implemented, well, my E-mails may be down by 100 per week; rather than
20 a day.

To the Forumers:

I know you don't care but check your Yahoo. When was the last time you checked at it? If you know this, you won't be shocked or anything but if your active in the forums and doesn't check your E-mails for years, I'm pretty sure you'll have TONS of E-mails too. I made a Poll, I hope you'll vote the right one...

Well, I'd hope you'll(Seth) can do this to reduce at lease 20% of anyone's E-mails(50% is Facebook... I get around 100+ A day...)


09-25-2013, 04:49 PM
This actually exists already. Heres how to change it :
Go to the settings, then general settings, and there should be some options about subscription there (scroll down). Just set them as you want and it should be good.
Edit : http://www.rtsoft.com/forums/profile.php?do=editoptions , just go to the subject "Messages and notifications", it should be the second option.