View Full Version : Beta Testers for a minecraft pc PREMIUM server

04-03-2016, 01:05 PM
Hi guys, as most of you know a server requires beta testers before it opens them beta testers are you. We have 3 open game modes kitpvp is broken... which i am fixing at the moment. The three that are working are

And Finally my most personal favourite
Battle Benders!

This server is 1.8.8 because the plugins dont want to make the jump yet.

I.p: criminalcraft.mcph.eu
Emergency I.P: (note: this one works the same it is just incase the other one doesnt want to work.)

Note: THIS SERVER IS NOT FINISHED. We need players to test the bugs.

I hope to see you online

ElectroHammer (Hammerkraz) - Developer of the server

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