View Full Version : Xbox users!

09-26-2013, 04:40 PM
If you wish to add me on xbox, (NOTE must be online a lot or have the games I'm saying! I currently have, (PS, I'm just listing all my online games. I got a lot more.

-call of duty blackops 2
-left 4 dead 2(borrowed)
-far cry 3 (let my friend borrow)
-gears of war judgement
-the orange box
-dead rising 2
-magic: the gathering duels of the planes walker 2013
-take arms (indie game)
-Spartacus legends (my second favorite game!
-murder miners (indie game also)
-harms way
-happy wars
-gears of war 1
-fable 3
-dead rising 2
-Doritos crash course two
-crackdown 1
-castle miner z (inde game)
-and my favorite game I have......Ascend: Hand of Kul (if you play this game please respond!)

So, if you have any of these games, can you please respond? Then I'll send a pm to you, (so random people without any of the games come)