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09-26-2013, 08:13 PM
First of all ive got to say i love truly-made SDK that integrates with TR1 and STD. Ogre3d, Irrlicht and other SDKs make their own smart pointers and collections etc - that is truly an onanism.
But! Ive faced an interesting documentation on ClanLib.
When i wanted to understand how does clan::Slot works the doxygen-generated documentation said this perfect words:

Detailed Description


Perfect. Nothing to say. Then i thought to look up in the code. the code comments are even more wonderful:

/// \addtogroup clanCore_Signals clanCore Signals
/// \{

/// \brief Slot

That is a control shot in the head, i got it right?

Then i saw some comments like:
1) "Here we declary a variable"
2) "// Initialize ClanLib base components"
I love the second one. it comes with

SetupCore setup_core;

The comment opened my mind on what components do i init, what are the parameters and etc.

Im i the only one? Or there is a way to get a normal documentation that is not listed on download/install page?
I generated the doxygen documentation and found it no use at all.

Examples are giving so much no information about how does Clanlib works, what principles is built on, etc.

I think you should defenitelly rebuild your documentation and examples. They should explain how it works and how to get it to work, not just show the result.

09-26-2013, 08:33 PM
clan::Slot question answered in your other post :)

think you should defenitelly rebuild your documentation and examples

lol. There is no "you". ClanLib is different than the other SDK's that you mention. No company has even been behind it. Nobody owns it. A group of changing developers enhance it, as a hobby :)

"We", usually means, anyone who submits patches.

So, if anyone wants to document lacking areas, they are welcome.

Note, most developers that use ClanLib have full time jobs and families, and don't have much spare time. Only to code the areas that they require enhancing.

(clanlib should have a FAQ about this!)

(Note overview documentation is located in /Documentation/Overview)

09-26-2013, 08:39 PM
thank you:)
i got about the slot class)