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09-28-2013, 05:07 AM
yes i know i already made a thread on this on growtopia but why let the growtopians have all the fun
Hi, so this is Townies vs Mafia ! This is the timeline:

1.- Villanueva Town -

That's right! The next city is named Coldgrove City!

Please, read this first:

Townies vs Mafia!. It's a nice forum game invented by http://mafiascum.net/, and more complicated than most forum games.

Quote Originally Posted by MafiaWiki
In the peaceful Sicilian village of Salem, a dark presence is about to make itself known. For years, the family based crime organization known as the Mafia has been establishing itself in the foundation of the community. Until now, the naive citizens have been unaware of the evil among them. Tonight, however, the Mafia makes its move. Tonight, someone will die, and until the Mafia has eliminated all opposition, the innocent will continue to die. Unless, of course, the Mafia is destroyed first...
Here are the rules:

This game is fitting for all mature and active forums, players can range from 9 to hundreds! It's very much strategy based.

This game is like the forum version of the Russian Werewolf: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mafia_(party_game)

Basically, we have to sides:
Townies(good people)
Mafia(bad people)

Townies don't know each other, but Mafia does.

Roles will be PMed by the host(me) or any other acknowledged moderator.

This game has two phases:
Day: During day, the townies(and the Mafia who pretend to be Townies) have a discussion and vote on one person to lynch. After the person is lynched, he must exit the game.
Night: During Night, no one may post on the thread, but the Mafia can PM each other. They will came up with the name of one townie to Murder, and someone to commit the Murder, and when that person is murdered, he must exit the game. Players with night roles must PM the host or a mod to do his/her role's action.

There are many ways to win this game, but these three are the most common:
The side that has the last player standing.
A side can win if the other side surrenders.
A side wins when nothing can prevent this from occurring.


•There is to be NO communication outside this thread, unless your role explicitly states it.
•Do not quote any PM you have received from me. Paraphrasing is allowed, however.
•Don't be a jerk to the other players. Being a jerk would result in either a modkill or replacement.
•Not posting in three days will result in a warning. Not responding to the warning within 24 hours will result in your replacement. You can, however, tell me beforehand that you'll be inactive. In that case it'll be increased from three days to five days.
•Votes must be in bold and on a separate line. Like this:
Vote: Kairosh the Storyteller
•A lynch will occur when a player achieves 50% +2 of the votes. When this has happened, any subsequent votes and unvotes will not be counted, and the game will enter twilight. Night will begin as soon as I have declared the lynch.
•Once you're dead, you are dead. Do not post in the thread until the game is over. However, you may post once, you know, to curse anyone who voted for you!
•Deadlines for each game day will be 4 days. In the event of a deadline being reached without a player gaining a majority of votes, there will no lynch.
•You can vote for a no lynch. If the majority wants this, then there will be no lynch.
•Nights have a three day deadline. If actions aren't given to me by the deadline, then you will do nothing for that night. If all actions are PMed sooner, night will end quicker.

There are many roles to make this game fun:
Cop(townie): can investigate one person every night by PMing his name to the Host or any other MOD.
Doctor(townie): can protect the life of one person per night by PMing his name to the Host or any other MOD. He/She can't protect himself/herself.
Roleblocker(mafia): Can block someone role's action by PMing his name to the Host or any other MOD.
Vigilante(townie): can kill one person every night of his choice.(This is a TOWNIE role, this role can make the Townies win, by choosing the correct person to kill or can make indirectly the Mafia Win, by killing the wrong person.)
Godfather(mafia): The Mafia leader, chief, commander, etc. He decides who to kill.
Paranoid Gun Owner(townie): Kills whoever tries to kill him during night!
Serial Killer: Select a player at night to kill. Before the game begin, you may choose to have One Investigation Immune(this means that you will be a townie if the Cop investigates you) or One Shot Bulletproof(This means that practically, you will have two lives.).

If you are interested on this game or have any questions, POST HERE!

Please, don't be silly, do not post which side you want to join!.
if you are unclear please pm me
if you die you may have a final post after I tell you the roles. YOU MAY NOT POST WHO MAFIA IS but you can choose to give clues in that final post