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04-09-2016, 12:33 PM
What is your most weird post? Repost it here.


Forum name: SSnake
In game name: SillySnake
Password: Wait a min... you did not need and I am not going to give it anyway.
Age: 21 (if in story)
Male or female: Of course Male snake.

I am silly.... 9 + 10 is my favourite question and less of people can anwser it... ( MrClever2k15: 9 + 10= 19 SillySnake: YU STUPID)
I love trolling.... its my job, read it backwards:!HAH DELLORT
I love my mama called qmam.... Mama.... i hit my leg, i cri evri tiem... wait a minute... snakes dont have legs.
I am nub: I wear dirt, well... first that item should come out... right?
Crazy: If you havent seen this yet then read everything again.

Due to thread was closed I took quote from another thread so do not use the arrows.