View Full Version : flipY without messing with C++ is possible?

04-01-2010, 02:25 AM
I noticed that the objects have the property flipY...

Can I set it using LUA? I want the player to be able to flip (instantly, not even animated) the player paddle, so he can use a certain side with a certain property...

I looked around, and found only a way if I hacked the C++ source, but since seemly the LUA api can do some undocumented stuff, I suppose that it can edit some properties too...

04-10-2010, 02:39 AM
The tile flip property is not available from lua.

Most of the 'bits' aren't just because I hadn't needed them:

e_flippedX = D_BIT_0,
e_flippedY = D_BIT_1,
e_customCollision = D_BIT_2,
e_needsUpdate = D_BIT_3, //not used?
e_notPersistent = D_BIT_4, //if true, won't be saved to disk
e_castShadow = D_BIT_5,
e_sortShadow = D_BIT_6,
e_pathNode = D_BIT_7

Actually, the pathNode one is, with SetPathNode().

However, unsure if this would work, but you can also do

this:SetRotation(3.14); //upside down.. but keep in mind that means its collision will be too!