View Full Version : Someone Scammed

04-20-2016, 07:48 PM
Mods Alolas Need Help , He Got Scammed By zTurbo ...

04-20-2016, 07:50 PM
Nobody will give you items, or punish the scammer. Since you failed to post into the GT forum and instead the tavern (where nothing GT related goes)... Eh.

You got scammed, nothing can be done.

04-20-2016, 07:57 PM
Oh no someone got scammed it doesnt happen everyday or anything...

04-20-2016, 08:00 PM
Sorry to hear that, but nothing anybody could do.

04-20-2016, 08:03 PM
Too late!!!

04-20-2016, 08:10 PM
Mods Alolas Need Help , He Got Scammed By zTurbo ...
Dang that sucks bro unfortunately mods can give back items we just have to learn how to avoid it

04-20-2016, 08:44 PM
I asked ALOLAS because he's my friend. He didn't get scammed just he's friend got sb scammed, after ALOLAS sbed for his friend "zTurbo Scammer". He gave wls. No problem now thanks for the report :D (Not work all the time)

04-20-2016, 09:08 PM
Sorry for your loss, and I know you're frusterated! But since a mod didn't witness the scam, they're not able to ban him.
All you can do is to let them know about your friend's loss, so they can keep an eye on him. The rest, is up to them.