View Full Version : Ironic and Sarcastic School Projects

04-21-2016, 12:51 AM
Does anyone take some school projects as a joke? I know I try to be as stupid as possible when it comes to easy-A classes like Comp. App.

Well, the teacher hates me. I am a great student, and she has threatened me with disciplinary detentions five times now; logically, I decided to mess with her more. We are reviewing PowerPoint nuances, and we were assigned to create a ten slide presentation on the history of anything. There were a few pre-approved topics; one was sports. Now, why choose football, hockey, bowling, or croquet when there is badminton.

So now I am pending on a reaction after my Jeopardy game when I used absolutely impossible questions like "This is a country" (Cyprus) and "This should not be consumed" (Glue).

I guess my question is: what ironic projects have you turned in?