View Full Version : Is it wrong?

10-01-2013, 12:45 PM
So,I had a spare world lock with me ad I've been visiting newbie worlds.
Most I have visited were small locked and they wouldn't let me out.That was fine.I was just going to see if they were humble unlike newbies these days...always asking for "donations"...always taking advantage of the old era.
There were some worlds where in I was invited to have a little chat with them. Some were coo' bout' things and were polite and humble.
So,I have given them stuff to start with.Such as:200 wood, 1 big lock and etc.
A percentage of them were always asking me for donations and dodging my conversation questions.They were down-right rude.
Then,I kinda lock them with small locks when they're typing and would teach them manners.
I let go of some of them because they kinda knew their lesson.
Some respawned but they thought I was dumb.I covered their portion with locks,They couldn't get out.
My question is:Is it wrong to lock them just to teach them lessons?

10-01-2013, 12:50 PM
If their asking donations, then just leave. It kinda looks wrong on your part because to trapped some newbies. Remember, they are sensitive. IF you make them think that the game is full of "bad" people, then they will leave the game and probably won't suggest it to others.

Kudos to you for at least trying though. Some people won't even bother.