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04-27-2016, 03:52 AM
First and foremost, I'd like to thank the forumers for always supporting others, even though sometimes it is unintentional. Although you may seem mean, rude, or unfriendly; there is always a delightful side of you. I would also like to thank my Growtopian Family (you know who you are), for always supporting me and not giving up on me when I disappointed you. I will always love you forever. I'd also like to thank all the people who helped create the game, when it is by buying gems or simply helping others in need; I thank you. I never get sick of this game, it's always a new journey everyday. Although I have made many mistakes in the past, present, and future; I'd like to change. Although no one is perfect, you can always try to be close. Here is my Growtopian Life..

Growtopia Story (wip)

Growtopia Journey
September 2014 - Joined Growtopia. Waddled around and learned the basics of the game. Was donated by a couple of a friends who played the game before. Found some friends and started my Growtopia Journey.

October 2014 - Created my first shop! Made a casino and hosted to make some profit. Learned the basics of scamming and started to scam. Gained a few WLS and started to make profit everyday.

November 2014 - More friends started joining and playing the game. Friends bought gems and gave a few shop items from the game. Continued scamming..

December 2014 - One of my Growtopian great memories. I learned about scammer failing. Ended up gaining over 500 WLS, as I scammer failed a Golden Heartbow.

January 2015 - New year, new goals. Aimed for Angel Wings. Gained a few WLS during the Anniversary. Sold Golden Heartbow for 250 WLS.

February 2015 - Valentine's Week, got Angel Wings. Sold them right away.

March 2015 - Nothing major. Gained a few WLS, not much.

April 2015 - Lost a ton of WLS trying to get Mystery Pinata, oh well..

May 2015 - Stood by for a little while, trying to gain more WLS.

June, July, August (2015) - Saved WLS for Summerfest and got a few rare items! Found out about the forums!

September, October (2015) - Gained even more WLS and got ready for Harvest Fest. Made over 500 WLS during Harvest Fest.

November 2015 - Started getting more into the forums and became friends with a lot of people. Realized that scamming could hurt others feelings, so I stopped.

December 2015 - Finally made an account on the forums. Earned over 200 WLS during Winter Fest.

January 2016 - New year, got scammed. Lost more than 70% of my earnings.

February 2016 - Met some really cool forumers, became friends with a lot of them. Slowly gained WLS.

March 2016 - Continued to meet forumers and do projects with them! Now we hang out, all the time! :crazy:

April 2016 - Posted a thread about reaching 1,000 posts. Hehe.

Eh, I know; my story isn't as interesting as other people but.. oh well.

Huh? What's that noise. I think it's a me-


I will also be answering questions that you dare to give me. Please be appropriate, I will only answer some! :rolleyes:
Thanks, bye-bye!

04-27-2016, 03:56 AM
Do you have a 3ds or new 3ds or xl version and play ORAS? if so add me :3

04-27-2016, 03:58 AM
Do you have a 3ds or new 3ds or xl version and play ORAS? if so add me :3

Coincidence? I just found my 3DS yesterday, I also do have OR (Omega Ruby)! You can PM me your friend-code and I'll try to add you! :hat:

04-27-2016, 02:27 PM
Bump! :wave: