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04-30-2016, 10:56 PM
I got a question for you that is really important...

What does bullying means to you?
I'm really sure I want to know!

Open the spoiler if you want to read the story.
Bullying is everywhere, in our school, in our town, or in our neighbourhood. We know that it is really bad that we can get hurt by other people, especially the big kid. Students around the world (mostly) are getting bullied for many reasons, (being annoying, violence, mental issues, etc..)

Why did I wrote this serious but terrible question? Because I want you to know the meaning of bullying and how can we can help them stop bullying.

Helps other, be a bystander. Participates in all kinds of bullying awareness events (mostly in North America so :prophet: ) :
-Stand up for the kids, stand up for yourself. Don't be scare by their silly mad face.
-Report to an adult, especially the teachers. They can stop it from killing you.
-Got some friends that you love? Gang up with them and out-even the Bully.
-Punch them in the knees and make them cry. (Terrible way, don't use it.)

Myself and the kids in my school are really getting bullies, but I can live with it :yeah:
All I have to do is stay calm, and ignore them.

We can stop them from ruining our lives, once and for all.
I have nothing to say so....

04-30-2016, 10:59 PM
Surely it means The Minority students are getting beaten by the Bullies.

Give him his lunch moneh. 'nuff said :p