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05-06-2016, 03:22 PM
So I copied the Growtopia Forum Rules, pasted it into Google Translate, and translated it to weird languages about ten times.
After that, I translated it back into English, and this is what I got.

Note: The rules are the same, we all.
Often they are people who are on the ground, and "do not know" or a violation of a number of complaints that have been used in the growing "rules" are applied.
- - - - -

1. Be a citizen
It is easy, however, the law, including their own examples of direct civil behavior. This list is not complete and specific conditions will be individually evaluated.

* Respect for society and the treatment of people
* Use a friendly language
* If you can not, your points balance, if a little humility and accept
* It is not a threat to people
* In order to prevent sexual content (sexual content, it can be considered as including a reference)
* Any bullying
---- = Rude bullying behavior, including an imbalance in power
A member of the group or individual members living = ---- Popular Power continues to attack people or imbalance
* Other religion, culture and patient personal feature
* To avoid delay Behaviour
---- = See themselves and lies, manipulation, or other disruptive action is causing problems in the community Alt attention

Citizens (or the name may be mentioned in this way), which may be the (first offense), would be a violation or warning.

2. Use the correct sub-forum
Posted by a sub-forum can be removed from this topic. In the wrong place can be given, including the offense deliberately or repeatedly post.

3. Avoid spam
* Spam Advertising Company, published, except to increase your page or on the same line as the subject of a public forum contains the same activity or debris interfere with many post several times over.

4. The right to use the symbol
* A time transgress your signature image or text does not limit the size,
* See rule # 1

Regardless 5. Cut
* "Fame" no information or links on your site name or hacker does not give Google permission (we do not really want to install the malware and Trojans children)

Notes: We take care of the child are removed or writing mods, then, to assume - if it happens twice, remove any paper generally does not take away from the meeting and information.

05-06-2016, 07:12 PM
Surprisingly enough, that is pretty accurate. I once put in a Spanish paper I typed up, and when I put it through a few times and got it back to English…it was illegible.

05-06-2016, 07:28 PM
Seems legit!