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05-11-2016, 02:17 AM
Because of the prideful community, people have been influence being prideful, being mean and bullying even the closest of friends and family. So, here are some tips with life on how to control your pride.

How to deal with pride
iCro's guides series

1. Am I a vampire?
One of the reasons people don't have control, is because they don't know they are a vampire, or a very prideful person. Pride is like a vampire, they cause more vampires, by infecting them. Same as real life, Pride infects, and is very deadly
TL;DR: Identify yourself if you are prideful.
2. I wouldn't be here without _____
One solution to stop pride is to identify who guided you. Whoever he/she is, think of her/him. Will she/he be proud on what you are doing? Will she/he be ashamed of you on what you have done?
TL;DR: Will the people who helped you be happy?
3. Am I being hurt?
This is very important. One of the reason of pride existing is because people are afraid and/or offended. Think, and If you are prideful because of this, read the next line...
TL;DR: Am I being hurt?
4. Are others hurt because of me?
Pride can cause damage, physically and mentally. So observe the people who you have hurt, and if you see them being hurt all over again, try to protect them and ask for forgiveness.
TL;DR: Observe them, and ask for forgiveness

In my case:
I have a honest side, and I can be mean a lot of times. Blame it to my 2 sides. :crazy:

Hope I helped!! :crazy:

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