View Full Version : Center alignment and renderer...

05-09-2010, 04:24 AM
When the object has alignment center anything (does not matter what center, altough each one give a diffrent result), it renders in a strange position...

When I mashed several objects togheter, I noticed that even a slight rotation happened (or was a illusion... but I am sure they were not aligning...)

The "strange position" is not always the same, it varies, acording to factors unknown to me, but seemly tied to the object (because I tried to nudge it around, without sucess, with each object having their own bad align...)

This would not be a issue, if it do not made creating collision boxes REALLY hard, since they don't end where I intended. Also trying to make a composite object, is a pain (it consists of a lots of trial and error...)

When the zoom is (1, 1), the bug does not happen (fortunally... so the object does not get wrong during gameplay too... at least, not when the gameplay is using 1, 1 zoom...)