View Full Version : Need help finding nostalgic website

05-17-2016, 12:21 PM
This question is mostly for people who used computers back in 2002-2006, I need help finding an old website I used to love...

The whole website is blue, it was somehow related to Poptropica (I think in the front page they told you to go play Poptropica) and the website was like a board game, you could pick a character and play, you went tile by tile, each time you stepped on a tile you had to play a mini-game, I don't really remember the order of the games but I remember there was a game where you were a frog, and another one that was about a stick figure that gets eaten in the end by a shark, and there was another one where it was like candy crush but with fruit (never got past this one... I NEED to know what happens at the end of this board game...)