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Wilbster GT
05-26-2016, 04:01 AM
Anyone plays Habbo?

Though, It's like Growtopia but it's a 1D version of it.

05-26-2016, 04:03 AM
How does 1D look like?

05-26-2016, 04:04 AM
How does 1D look like?
Um, 1 dimension would just be an infinitely small line going either sideways or up and down.

05-26-2016, 04:08 AM
i did play it before and i got pulled by a moderator and everyone in the game entered the room and said to me "gay" for saying gagagagagugugug

cri i got banned until 2017

01-24-2017, 08:46 AM
Well, I wanna open one . With anyone who has Money or a VPS.
A vps is like 10-60 Dollars. Per month,
I can fully code the servers (recode) original server can be HoloCMS or PhpRetro doesnt matter.
And i can do dcrs. I originally ran a hotel. that was pretty dope for 2 months . 200 Users plus.
V26 of course. And then i opend one for 2 weeks . Beta. but i don't like beta ;o
So the real question is .

Does anyone have a vps . Or a few dollars. and wanna open a habbo retro?

05-15-2017, 05:39 AM
It is difficult to play this game