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Mister Brooks
06-15-2010, 12:26 AM
Seth, would it be possible for you to not force the browser window for the game to be minimized (even when it opens in a new window)? I find it sometimes cumbersome browsing other tabbed sites while playing FQ in minimized view, since I'm so used to it on full screen. Any online game I play is used with full screen (even off browser games), because I don't want to be looking at my desktop background all day.

I have at least 3 websites and when one page opens in a new tab or a new window, they don't change the screen size for me. I forget which line of code works, but somewhere hosted where your game is, it is causing the window to be re-sized regardless if I have another tab open before or after I open FQ.

Just a thought. I hear it is a minor annoyance, especially since it's more of an unwritten rule that it has to be full screen, or that the minimized size covers the actual height and width of the game instead of leaving some blank/black space in between. I would be happy if it was to the game's true size, but since it is browser-based, and not in it's own .exe client, I likely would be having other tabs open at the same time for my browsing pleasure, which obscures other sites.

06-18-2010, 08:15 PM
Seems to work for me (IE8)...

Open the Funeral Quest on the second (or third, fourth, etc.) tab...It doesn't resize the window, then.

As long as I don't launch it on the primary tab, my windows sizes/settings are maintained.

Mister Brooks
06-18-2010, 10:28 PM
As long as I don't launch it on the primary tab, my windows sizes/settings are maintained.

If it happens on the primary tab, then that didn't fix it.

I use Firefox now. Used to use IE8, but it carped up everything in 2 separate times, both while I was creating one of my websites. I can't remember if I played FQ on it though.

Anyway, I took the liberty at looking at the page source in HTML. Mind you, I was ignoring the flash code, since it does not exactly include it (except for the command that calls it up). Right at the beginning it seems, before the <html> tag (I think there's something seriously wrong with that) is written you have:

<script language="JavaScript"><!--
self.resizeTo(screen.availWidth,screen.availHeight )

IIRC, this only should bring up an output of the visitor's screen. However, it is the only code relevant to the resizing issue. I'm not sure what it exactly does, but I have seen javascript codes written to resize windows, and this seems similar. I'm currently researching this.

It may be "blocked" by IE8, which is one of the things I found seem broken. It may appear to be "fixed" which is probably why it didn't really happen to you. I kept getting the yellow bars almost every minute for IE8 not accepting scripts, even though I tried to turn it off. It got to a point where that was frustrating and disrupted my website development process. It also ruined the enjoyment of the site, and the results I wanted to confirm before uploading the files online. It wouldn't show everything it was supposed to do, even though it was harmless code I've used the whole time until it happened.