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05-31-2016, 03:07 PM
Ok, so basically I made a video last June, telling people how to get a wl with 1000 gems. That video is now my most watched video, with about 20k views. I keep getting comments on that video constantly, which doesn't make me mad, no. It's the content of the comment. Most of them are like this:
"Why waste time on getting wls or gems? Take them from here for free!: [Individual link]"

Then the commenter uses and alt to reply to their own comment, with something like:
"omg it worked!"

This really pisses me off, I delete those comments all the time but I keep getting those comments again and again!
Idk whether this post should be in this sub forum but I just want to talk about comments I get.

Also this is not youtube related, but I had to make my instagram account private because of this issue.

Most of the people trying to follow me nowadays have accounts related to the comments I talked about earlier.
And no I don't think there's something we can do, atleast I can't think of a solution to this, I'm just feeling like ranting about this.

This whole "free gems" scam is quite old, but I've seen it become more and more popular nowadays. I'll try to keep my comment section safe, it's hard though when the people can just use new accounts to comment the same exact comment, if I block them.

Of course I could just let the whole thing be, if someone falls for it, it would be their problem they get hacked. But no, I don't like letting people in danger.

What would you do in my situation? Would you let it be? Would you do what I do? Tell me, it's getting really boring deleting those comments everyday.

05-31-2016, 03:37 PM
bumperino I wrote this for too long I don't want to let this go ;_;

05-31-2016, 03:42 PM
Well I don't know since I don't make videos. But I would suggest just ignoring them.