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06-03-2016, 12:19 AM

Welcome to the first game of Death and Life, a game where killing and fighting aren't wanted - it's for sale. In this game, you have a whopping amount of 1k, you can use it to buy supply crates, weapons, trade, and create bases. It's a game where you either team or go solo.

The Rules and How to Play

How to Play
When you start, you have $1k to start. You start also with a small pistol, 100 ammo, 3 lives and 10 hearts. You can get more health, weapons, ammo, and money with buying supply crates. You either kill each other or team with each other.
In order to perform a action, you must start with / , and must type actions. Which will be listed in another spoiler. If you don't want to, don't use /.
In order to buy items - please PM me and I will tell what you get using random.org.

The Rules
-No spamming
-Don't ruin the game - it will kick you out.
-No cheating
-Have Fun.


/shoot (player name) with (weapon)
/buy (crate name)
/trade (player name)
/team request (player name)
/teamaccept (player name)
/teamveto (player name)
/build fort (not released!)

Supply Crates

Wooden Supply Crate [$100] - "A broken down supply crate made out of some birch." Either can have a pistol, knife, ammo, 10-25 wooden planks (not released!), 3 extra health points, or $50.

Plastic Supply Crate [$500] - "A strong box made out of plastic, not some Amazon Cardboard." Either can have a rifle, machetes, ammo, 10-25 steel blocks (not released!), 5 extra health points, or $250 dollars.

Bronze Supply Crate [$1000] - "A hard box made out of some Canadian Bronze, your hand smells like pennies now." Either can have a sniper, AK-47, katana, 50 steel blocks (not released!), 10 extra health points, or $500 dollars.

Iron Supply Crate [$5000] - "This box is too heavy to carry, but it's still openable." Either can have a Assualt Rifle, Machine Gun, Two Blades, 100 steel blocks (not released!), 25 extra health points, or $2500 dollars.

Gold Supply Crate [$10,000] - "The purest African Gold, shiny as the sun, dense as blood." Either can have a bazooka, Excalibur, 1,000 steel blocks (not released!), 50 extra health, or $5,000 dollars.

First Aid Kit [$500] - "Bandages, medicine, all the things needed to regain yourself back again." Gives 3 extra lives.

Mystery Block [$500] - "Looks like that item from that NES game you played 18 years ago." Gives you a random item.



Pistol - 2 health points, 1 ammo.

Rifle - 5 health points, 3 ammo.

Sniper - 6 health points, 5 ammo.

AK-47 - 8 health points, 9 ammo.

Assault Rifle - 9 health points, 11 ammo.

Machine Gun - 10 health points, 15 ammo.

Bazooka - 15 health points, 25 ammo.

Knifes and Blades

Knife - 1 health point.

Machetes - 3 health points.

Katana - 6 health points.

Two Blades - 10 health points.

Excalibur - 15 health points.


iSkyDoesGTC - 10 health.$500 dollars left. Pistol, Machete, 100 ammo.

Soon to be Updates and Log

Scheduled Updates
-Forts : "Tired of living in the public and some rocks as your bed? Well, don't fear! Weapont Inc. presents you the ability to build grand forts!"
-Shields : "Be like the crusaders and carry a shield to protect you from flying bullets and slashing swords!"
-More Weapons! : "The Master Sword, a freeze ray, and a gun that shoots squids? Soon in this update - with more crates and random weapons!"

Update Log

6/2/16 | 1.00 : Death and Life released to the public

Well what are you waiting for? Fight!

06-03-2016, 12:23 AM
1 psc for 500 bucks
/buy plasticsupplycrate

06-03-2016, 04:54 AM
/shoot HerobrineFan
if possible, also /slice HeroBrineFan

06-03-2016, 05:49 AM
/buy Mystery Box
/buy Mystery Box

06-03-2016, 06:01 AM
/buy Bronze supply crate

06-03-2016, 07:56 AM
/Buy(plastic supply crate)

Mark Chong
06-03-2016, 11:56 AM
/buy plastic supply crate
/buy wooden supply crate
/buy wooden supply crate