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06-10-2016, 01:39 AM
Thread is inspired from this video:


So, in this thread, I'll (and you, if you wanna join) be doing exactly that! I'll be roasting myself, just in the form of a text. Just roast yourself below and you're in the game already!

I'm not a rapper, so this will only be in a usual kind of text... No rhymes whatsoever.

My roast:
This is a lot to talk about... Where do I start? I am like, soooooo immature. I can just do some passive aggressiveness and then end up picking up a fight with somebody. I may be 14, but my mental age is probably 6. Why am I still watching Kirby? Why do I like how it's so cute? Ew, I should really grow up. I also fangirl over fictional characters (such as Meta Knight), how sad.

Look at my grammar, people tell me it's good but I still do common errors EVERY TIME. I did not know that compilation isn't complication; like what? That'll be so cringy if I had ever posted that. "Look at this! Spongegar meme complication!!1!" I don't even know whether I put "a" or "an" before "hour". An hour? A hour? They sound the same to me. I'm trying to be a "pro" by using colons ( this symbol -> ; ), I may even have used it in the wrong context, I haven't even learnt that! What a noob.

Ooh, yeah, I like drama. I create drama, haha. Just fight with somebody and make a thread that'll result in 5 pages of pointless debate and then have it deleted. The mods probably pity me too much; 3 infractions? I should've had 7 or 8 for everything bad I've done, ha.

What am I? A WOTD farmer? Hm, seems like I'm just going to get the WOTD queen title and then stop afterwards, huh? Totally not trying to grab attention. I keep on bragging about how I've got scammed, and how I'm not going to get rich anymore. See? What an attention seeker I am, right?

Okay, most of the part was what I think about my flaws, and some of them are how "haters" will see it. I purely made this for fun, soooo yeah. But about the drama, well, I didn't know it was going to be that big, to be honest.

This thread may seem to be pointless, please don't tell me so below, I fully acknowledge that.

06-10-2016, 03:27 AM
My jokes are contrived from my own formula.

Woah...that is pretty harsh.

06-10-2016, 05:51 AM
Roast Myself? IM TOO ROASTED.A roasted pig.