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08-06-2010, 05:58 AM
OK with reference to this ('http://www.rtsoft.com/forums/showthread.php?2149-Novashell-on-the-move...') thread, I've decided to try and compile Novashell ('http//www.rtsoft.com/novashell'), the game engine/creation system, for the ARM-Based handheld, Pandora.

Having never compiled something from source before, this isn't going to be an easy task. It's made all the more difficult due to the fact it's based on Clanlib which requires a full OpenGL implementation. While the Pandora's chipset is capable of full OpenGL, a driver does not exist. Only an OpenGLEX2.0 driver.

I am hoping to be able to circumvent this problem by using Adventus' GL/GLES wrapper.

So I am going to need the source code to Novashell, which I gather is available here ('http://www.rtsoft.com/novashell/development.htm'). Additionally, I am going to need the wrapper, which is available here ('http://code.google.com/p/gl-wes-v2/').

Once I have those two, I need to plug them together somehow, and then compile the thing for Pandora.

So, id anybody willing to help me out with what I'm going to need to do in order to bind the wrapper and then compile for the correct target (I guess I'll need a complier at some point?.. :D)

I shall also be posting this in the developer section ('http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?/forum/64-developers-corner/') of the Pandora forums.

Would be amazing if we can get this going :)

08-07-2010, 02:36 AM
Hmm, yeah, it does sound a bit tricky.

The key to make development easier is probably to get it running in Linux with normal GL, and then be able to also switch on a OpenGLEX2.0 driver/simulator in linux, so you can test the wrapper, etc before ever trying to put it on the actual Pandora.

Unfortunately I have no experience with that end of it.

08-07-2010, 05:23 AM
Hey Seth.

Thanks for the feedback. I presume the main problem is Clanlib, right? Novashell just calls Clanlib, and doesn't make any direct calls to OpenGL itself?

If that's the case then I guess my action plan is something along these lines:

Install Ubuntu (downloading now)
Compile Novashell form Sorce in Ubuntu
Try to compile clanlib with the OpenGLES wrapper
Compile Novashell in Ubuntu with the new Clanlib
Compile Novashell with new Clanlib targeting ARM processor

Sounds simple, eh ;)

Anyway I'll keep you updated. If it's successful it should also work on the Nokia 900 and other similar OMAP devices.

08-31-2010, 11:28 AM
does it work on nokia 5800xm

09-01-2010, 01:36 AM
It doesn't work on anything yet! I've not had much time to put into the project.

I'm not familiar with the 5800xm. If it's based on MAMEO and an ARM processor then it might work, but I won't be having anything to do with it!

03-22-2011, 09:45 AM
Thanks for information and I will try to follow the instructions.