View Full Version : Pine64, Odroid, or LeMaker boards?

06-15-2016, 07:56 AM
I'm planning to make something like what the guys over tendigi.com made (Android on iPhone using an SBC)
But I'm not planning to make an app and probably just gonna use VNC. (I don't have a MAC to make iPhone apps. Also I still don't have enough skills to mess with those libraries :3)

I just can't decide on what to save up then buy.

Pine64 looks attractive since you can put a wifi daughterboard :3

(P.S. I'm planning to get an RPi or a BBB for other purposes so don't suggest that. And no. They don't run android officially)

LeMaker is a bit expensive from what I heard. But the upstream support is very attractive :3
(I'd prefer something with Wifi)