View Full Version : A Question For Greeks Who Are Living In Greece

Perry Steven
08-29-2016, 10:09 AM
Hello, I'm not sure whether any English speaking Greek members here will read this post, but I will pose my question anyway. My sister and I have recently been working on a graphic novel based on a story (contemporary drama set in Greece) that I originally wrote which involves a murder plot that has something to do with worms and fishing. But the conflict I'm going through with the plot is that the main protagonist must practice the not-so-commercial-way of fishing (i.e. using bait, fishing rods, landing nets, etc..) - instead of more commercial methods that use gear such as gill nets - for the murder to make sense. From my reading, I gathered that fishing makes up the second major economic activity in Greece, but because of the debt crisis and increased competition the markets are flooded with cheap fish that does not benefit the fishermen in terms of profitability that much. I can see that I'm on shaky ground, but I'm still wondering whether in anyway it would be possible for the protagonist to make atleast an average living for himself using the not-so-commercial-way of fishing? I don't live in Greece so I don't exactly know how bad or good things are for the people, and thus I don't know whether my plot would hold. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.