View Full Version : updates on me + my life!!

09-03-2016, 03:06 AM
dunno how many people that knew me way back when are still active. and i'm hardly active, so i can't really talk.

either way, here's a refresh. i'm ashton, known as lolgal96, and i joined the forums in may of 2013.

anywayssss,, im sort of back. i'm alive and totally okay. everything with my housing situation is back to normal, and i have internet that's plenty fast. i turned fifteen recently, and i start my tenth grade year in about four days.

i passed ninth grade easily, i got a b on my history final and a c on my english final, and i was exempt from science and math.

i don't know if i'll ever rejoin growtopia. it's just been so long,, i don't know if i'll ever play seriously like i used to again. since i'm older i'm more focused on school.

however i'm gonna be pretty active on littlebigplanet on the ps3 (i do have all three ps3 games) as soon as we either fix my ps3 or i get a new ps3. mine's really broken. however my psn isn't changing, it's lolgal96. there's nearly five years of progress on that account.

so uhh yeah, that's the state my life's in right now. hope y'all are doing good.

09-09-2016, 01:17 AM
Wow, so many old forumers I loved are coming back to an empty forum.

I don't need to coddle all the oldies with practically a metric **** ton of wishes and the likes, moving on.

I honestly really wish you would still post here, because a lot of the newer player base, while having a lot to learn and a lot to look up to in terms of the old forums, are very, very forgettable as in comparison to people like you. I know it's something that is most likely a given, but I really wish that people like you could just a spend a short term, and posting things that actually, what's the term, "float in dead water". I don't know if that's correct, but I really just miss the 2013 people.


How's Grade 10 been treating you? I'm just going into Grade 9, and for some silly reason we don't get final exams. I'm yearning for knowledge as to how final exams go, so I'm trying to ask most high school students how they are.