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11-13-2016, 02:57 AM

before we start, I recommend you listen to this before we start our journey. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX4ZmkPHI6k)

Hello there, new Forumer! Welcome to the Growtopia Forums, the place where L̶y̶i̶n̶g̶, d̶e̶c̶e̶p̶t̶i̶o̶n̶, a̶n̶d̶ h̶a̶t̶r̶e̶d̶ humbleness, kindness, and happiness are everywhere! So if you wanna learn the basics, read this 'official' guide!


Welcome to the part of the guide where you are now! A lonely Serf who has no friends or a reputation and who wants fame and the ability for a moderator. Well, fear not! These answers will help you to be the *best* person ever in Growtopia!


Hold on there pal! Before you make your crappy "I want to be moderator :D:D:D" guide, we must edit your profile! Go to that random settings button and there you are, your profile page! We must now edit your profile picture and avatar, so what do we do? No one cares about your Profile Picture, so let's edit your avatar! Let's see, what image will you use for your avatar?


Ahh yes, your crappy Growtopian set that no one cares about! Good choice, so now, after that. Let's edit your signature! Your signature is the random piece of text that appears after you reply to something. Let's see, with a maximum of 500 characters, you'll probably just put something from your favorite show and a unrelated quote you found on your Mom's Facebook.


"Fighting is a bad thing to do, be nice to everyone!" ~ Mozart

Ahh yes, a random Hunger Games GIF with a quote Mozart didn't even say, good choice! Now the final thing to do is edit your profile by itself! Let's see, fill in your biography, location, interests, and your occupation! Okay! Let's see your final product.


Haha, wow, Intresting!... Uhh, anyways, you have completed the editing stage! So now you can make that moderator post and become the *best* and *greatest* Forumer that lived!



Excuse me again, there's something else I have to say. Before you post that application thread. You need to learn the basics of posts! You see, there are 2 kinds of posts - threads and replies. These 2 kinds will expand your post count! So you'll become a poor serf into a cool Master Sorcer- hold on there! You can't just go spamming everywhere you want! It's gonna get you cursed!

Anyways, there are 3 kinds of threads. The thread that will get positive replies and a good reputation with a remarkable reply count. The second one is the thread that the replies will bash you instantly and give you a "mod wannabe" reputation that always features a horrible amount of replies. The third one is a thread that gets ignored. If you post that Moderator thread you'll probably get the 2nd one.

Along with that, there are also 4 types of replies. (A) A reply that gives a thoughtful insight on OP's post that could be good/bad, (B) a reply that gives a insight on OP's post that could be good/bad but is not as thoughtful as (A) . (C) A reply that tries to be thoughtful, but fails, and finally (D) - The reply that makes no sense and/or is off topic. The replies you'll get with the moderator thread is probably A and B.

So remember reader! If you want to be the greatest of all. Post a thread that'll get positive replies and reply with thoughtful insights! But you'll probably won't, so go along.


Okay, so you just posted your first thread! Good job, as always. Anyways, now that you posted your first thread. These upcoming guides will help you with your upcoming moments in the forums!


Oh, YOU posted that MODERATOR THREAD when I told you clearly NOT TO? Well, good job buddy, not only will that give you a lifetime supply of bashing but it will also decrease your chances of being a moderator! Good job! But I'm with you in this journey buddy, the forums are ignorant as :poop: and only some people actually know things. I mean, if someone popular and has 1,000 posts or more and makes a thread about wanting to be a moderator, Forumers will congratulate them and help them in their journey! But if someone who only has 6 posts and just joined the forums who makes a moderator thread - then everyone bashes them! I'm telling you reader, these forums are hypocritical, so don't be let downed. Just post it again when you have 2k posts and a admin at HONORS and you'll be cheered for day-to-day!


Coming Soon!

How to be Popular : Coming Soon, also.

Now that you have finish reading this, then congratulations! You now know the truth about these forums and know how to conquer it! I'll see you when your a future moderator, bye bye!

OP's Notes
Ahh, I spent about 2 hours writing this guide in a iOS device. Amazing that is, anyways. I made this guide for some satire but to also speak the actual truth about these forums. Hypocrisy about moderator threads, and other things. So yeah, kudos.

I would also give credit to some Forumers, like Bejeweled and Joshie63/Lidoh for being smart in these forums. Also credit to JelloApocalype's "Welcome To..." videos for being a inspiration, thanks for everything <3