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02-13-2017, 07:35 PM
Over the past few years, many of us left here to stay have seen the game continue to deteriorate due to the lack of updates. However, myself and many others have tried to keep the game alive with our activity, because let's face it, despite this game having not received any updates since 2014, its competitiveness and enjoyment compares to no other games out there on the mobile platform (with exception to few games). Is this another request for Seth to update the game? Not at all, if the creator isn't willing to change the game, then we the players are then entitled to do so. But how can we? We are not developers, nor do we have the power to alter the physical game in any way.

That may be true, however no power is needed to change the game, as I've come with an idea which I believe could at least improve the atmosphere of the game. In other communities I've seen this idea work, however it may not be exactly the same in this one. My idea is that we form squads/teams in order to boost competitiveness and overall enjoyment in the game, only if people are acceptant of this idea. If we form squads, we could pave the way for player-driven mini-games such as Tournaments, Wars, etc. If enough people are in favor of the idea, I'll emphasize on it a little more, but this is the overall foundation as to the idea of squads.

Not sure how many people will read this thread, so please spread the message if possible! Thanks for reading.

02-15-2017, 01:14 AM
Unfortunately, not many people in Tanked are willing to listen to anything anyone says; that being said, tournaments have had a decent turnout in the past, but that was when even a few other popular forumers that also played Tanked like SageDeoxys and boomer still played.

I appreciate the goodwill of your intentions, and if you want to start something, go for it, but I just do not believe many people will jump on board at this point.

02-27-2017, 02:13 AM
A few other popular forumers that also played Tanked like SageDeoxys and boomer still play.

I still play a little... :sweatdrop:

~Zackery459 :yeah: