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03-02-2017, 03:53 PM
1-) Seth & Hamumu yeah you sold the game. But will you make new updates?
2-) Will mods demote?
3-) Who will choose mods are the @Hamumu & @Seth or Ubisoft ?
4-) Will jail system come?
5-) Will telephones come to game?

Please answer my questions. I'm kinda scared. Cause GROWTOPIA SOLD

03-02-2017, 05:35 PM
Here are some of the answers related to Ubisoft, posted by Hamumu. If you do want to learn more about something related to Growtopia, please visit the game's forums instead.

Various answers to some of the insanity we see in-game and the questions on here:

1. The terms of the transaction aren't public. You'll just have to imagine for yourself! I will say the person who broadcasted that Ubisoft paid us "2 DLs and a corndog" is not correct. I'm a vegetarian.

2. The game is not resetting so everybody is level 1 (yes, that IS a completely ridiculous idea... but people latched onto it when somebody BC'd it!)

3. We're not moving servers, firing moderators, losing Ham & Seth, or anything else. Nothing is changing on your end (though we reserve the right to make changes in the future, as we always have). The game will continue exactly as is except for the copyright notice on the title screen. It will of course change over time, but it has always done that. How it will change is anybody's guess, but Ubisoft bought the game because they believe in what we've achieved and want to see it continue to be a success.

4. We will be gaining new moderators. Who they'll be, and whether they'll be Ubisoft employees, regular players, or a combination of both, I can't say at this time.

5. Ham & Seth will remain exactly as is for the near future, and will gradually move from the day-to-day coding to a design position overseeing what is happening, as we get replacements trained.

The gist is that the same brains are making the choices (and teaching others how to make such choices, so we can keep succeeding), and we just have a whole lot more muscle behind the game to make those same brains able to accomplish more! And moderate more. Hoo boy, we need that.

03-03-2017, 12:52 AM
2-) Will mods demote?

I feel like that's extremely vague. but hey who am I to say

Hamumu explained this in his post I'm pretty sure.. :sweatdrop: