View Full Version : Forums Problem?

03-11-2017, 07:24 AM
Hmm, my forums account was half reset i suppose... i lost my signatures, private messages, bios, photos and more than half my post counts. (Everything went back to the past)
I'm curious about was is going on?

03-11-2017, 10:39 AM
That's because what you post in the Growtopia forums stays in Growtopia forums. :rolleyes:

03-11-2017, 12:05 PM
When the developers decided that they wanted to move Growtopia to its own separate website, every one's posts and signatures etc went from here to there, so now it is basically a separate account here and there.

03-11-2017, 03:10 PM
Guys didnt you like GT forums?

03-12-2017, 10:03 AM
Guys didnt you like GT forums? 10chars


03-12-2017, 10:29 AM
Guys didnt you like GT forums?

Umm... Yeah. It's just that I find it kinda empty and boring sometimes. I tend to have more fun in-game. :3