View Full Version : Is Dabbing A Sin?

09-24-2017, 12:02 AM
Is dabbing merely a fun trend, or is it a sinful gesture carefully crafted by the devil to get control of the youth of humanity? God works in mysterious ways, but the devil works in cunning ways. Indeed, he is smart, and hence he has targeted the most fragile in terms of tolerance against band-wagoning—teenagers.

Satan has infested the minds of a minuscule group of teenagers, for he knows that a small group can spread the disease like a wildfire. He does not spend precious energy in convincing the masses, for this small group will do it for him. Now, the disease is found worldwide. Despite the efforts of the pure, dabbing has seeped its way into the core of humanity. This is the end of humanity and the world. The Earth will not end with a nuclear war, global warming or collision with another planet. It will end because we have allowed the deadliest sin, even more deadlier than the Original Sin, to take control of our minds. God is looking down on us, with fists clenched, shaking his head in despair. The devil has the whole world on his hands, and God himself has no power to stop him. We are beyond saving. Instead, God can only punish us. The hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean are not caused by global warming, it is God's attempt of recreating the Great Flood. He no longer has remorse for us, instead he holds hatred for we have failed our creator. The devil is laughing, for his cunning plan has worked. We are on our knees, and our feet have been amputated. There is no hope for us to stand, as it is already too late.

Dabbing is indeed the devil's work, and we have been blinded by it.

09-24-2017, 12:04 AM
okgot it fam

10-02-2017, 01:21 AM
Let's see, it's a dance move, a sneeze and for marijuana, k
I don't understand dabbing, so yes it is