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01-19-2018, 02:46 AM
me? emo? it's more likely than u think

long story short i was looking for my old deviantart tht i deactivated and hoped to god that i found an archive of it, found my rtsoft forum account, and got sucked into a black hole of cringe. uhhh im 16 rn and im a junior in high school (senior in 6 months what the heck), i dont talk to my "best friend" anymore bc as it turns out hes like so many other guys and he befriended me because he wanted a younger vulnerable girl to manipulate and abuse hooooo boy! i havent played growtopia in forever and i doubt i ever will again considering i dont even know if its still up and running and ALSO idk my un and password

deviantart dot edu (https://dustinkensrue.deviantart.com/)
tumblr dot edu (https://beelzebots.tumblr.com/)
twitter dot edu (https://twitter.com/goidenrodcities)
instagram dot edu (https://www.instagram.com/drxmamine/) (yes im kind of a thotto these days)
discord fry#4866
snapchat @/divine.zeroo (sry for the cringelord un! i made it on my fifteenth birthday)
vent @/vheissu (unt @/minusthebear)

these days i like thrice, bayside, circa survive, brand new even though jesse lacey is an awful human being (maybe idk all the details but it hurts my heart to not believe survivors), modest mouse, minus the bear, saosin, shinigami, futurama again because i cannot get away from that cursed show, and a loooot of other stuff! im kinda tired so peace out this was my update post

if u wanna keep in touch with me use one of my linkz thanks