View Full Version : Short Re-Intro

05-25-2018, 07:36 AM
I'm not really that good at starting speeches so I guess I'll just go straight to the point (?)

I'm back, yes. It's been some nasty years the last time I was here and I've been a real shame to this community back then. Well I'm pretty sure some of you can remember what I was like way before? Maybe some of you don't remember me anymore but whatever the case is I'd like to reintroduce my self to this community as a new person, new user, new fellow forum-er. I regret being really annoying and stupid before and I'd like to apologize for being like that. Maybe some of you will still think of me as annoying and childish but I can't blame you. The reason I came back here is because I, simply miss the vibes and having people to talk to about random stuff. Literally the description of the RTsoft Tavern. I hope even though we might have had conflicts in the past I'll still be welcome or at least be able to talk to everyone here and chill again. This is a new Updated you see right now. Conscious of the rules, etiquette and manners. I'm going back here leaving my past self in the past alone. Thanks

Looking forward to having more drinks again here in the tavern,

Updated (and literally updated ba dum tss)