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10-26-2019, 10:46 PM
Wow I’ve been playing Growtopia 6 days after launch it’s come a long way I haven’t played for years! I made this account in 2016 but I stopped playing about 2 months into the game being released. I see a ton of items! Does anybody want to explain the new items to me or help me start out? I’m actually going to make a video about it might bring some player into the game I have 67.4k subs!

10-28-2019, 12:35 PM
The Growtopia forums have moved to here (https://www.growtopiagame.com/forums). Your account was created before the move happened so you should be able to log in with the same details you used to log onto these forums.

There have been way too many new things added in the past couple of years to explain them all. Even as someone who occasionally browses the Growtopia forums, I still find myself constantly discovering things I had no idea had existed. Looking through this wikia page is probably a good place to start: Growtopia's History (https://growtopia.fandom.com/wiki/Growtopia's_History#2019)

12-04-2019, 05:15 PM
Hi back hello, I'm dad.