View Full Version : FIAT Ultimate Weapons

11-10-2010, 03:02 AM
I am playing FIAT and I have an Ultimate Ax, and I have Snedfee and Gimac's Bows and I have tried making an Ultimate Bow, but every time I go to the guy in the cabin that instills the weapons and makes the ultimate weapons, the option doesn't show up. The options it gives are Ultimate Weapons and Leave. And when I choose Ultimate Weapons, he just tells me about how he could do it and where to find Snedfee and Gimac's special weapons. I also have Snedfee's Sword. I tried with 4 bows to instill them with Air, Earth, Fire and Water. But I saw that Void was also on the list now since I have the void ball. So I went and got a 5th bow and instilled it with void and he still wont make the Ultimate Bow. Am I missing something?

11-10-2010, 12:22 PM
Well I figured it out. I had everything I needed except for a regular bow to be changed. So you actually need a regular bow, air bow, earth bow, water bow, fire bow, void bow, Snedfee's bow, and Gimac's bow. You actually need 8 bows altogether to make the Ultimate bow. Once I got that, I was able to get the Ultimate Sword as well, and I have the Ultimate Ax already. What can I say? I like this dmod.