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10-21-2013, 07:48 PM
It was a cold day in November, and Vanessa Enderman was walking home from school. But she was not walking home with friends like everyone else in Idiot Nation Girls Middle School. You may ask "Why?" or "How?". Her story began on her first day of 6th grade. Jamie Starr and Olivia Hernandez were pushing Patricia Herman around, so Vanessa decided to break up the fight. However, Vanessa still had a reputation around the school of being mean after she punched Kyla Jackson in the face in the 2nd grade. When Vanessa went to break up the fight, Jamie and Olivia threw Patricia on the ground and went to deal with Vanessa. Vanessa was sick of these girls, and everyone else was, too. She kicked Jamie in the face, and then Olivia. However, when doing this, she accidentally hit Erin Amross in the face. Everyone was best friends with Erin, so they hated Vanessa. She has no friends now. So sad.