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01-14-2011, 11:29 PM
So I have been looking at various game engines for a long time. Novashell popped up and it was like a dream come true! But my question is this: Novashell is built on ClanLib which supports multiplayer, however the only post on so far showed that Novashell did not seem to support multiplayer.

If NovaShell still does not support multiplayer could someone point me in the direction we would need to go in order to implement it. The team is looking to create a MMORPG and NovaShell looks a promising engine but we need an engine that has the multiplayer capability.

If on the other hand it does support multiplayer then I would like some advise on how to handle different clients as the game looks for "Player" at start up.

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01-15-2011, 12:27 AM
It's true Clanlib itself has basic (?) networking support.

I have never done a network game with Novashell and I think it's safe to assume if you need multiple characters running around a level (think Little Big Planet) it's a huge endeavor.

The lobby, the prediction, getting box2d's collision code to work with clients sending movement data 200 ms late... a server that can validate movement for a hundred players and selectively send sector/movement data...

I think it's safe to assume if you'll need to be/become a networking expert to add and tune something that major.

On the other hand, for minor things, such as global high score lists, comparing best times with shadow player, etc, it would be much more straight-forward to implement.