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10-23-2013, 08:39 AM
So,a while ago at school,
There was a competition for the whole grade 6 batch.
There were 3 competitors in one section.(10 sections at the 6th grade batch.)
One competitor in our class was absent.
And,they asked me to fill in for him at the last minute.
I accepted the offer.
----40 mins have passed since the start of the competition----
We came in 4th place because I forgot the questions #15 and #19.
The questions were:
-What creature has a head of a horse,and a body of a fish?:hippocampi
-Who are the worst looking offspring of gaia?
I felt like I dishonored my class...I never felt so Ashamed in my life....
Yeah.I wanna know how you guys feel when you lose?

10-23-2013, 09:06 AM
Losing is part of our life. As the saying goes 'Failure is the key to success', even if u fail this time, u can learn from ur mistakes and dun repeat them again. My parents always tell me that, as long as u have tried ur best, whatever the outcome is, no on would blame you. If u have not put in any effort, scoring bad results is ur own fault. So, as long as u think u have tried ur best, it's ok. No one would blame u... Just learn from your mistakes and tell urself that u can do better next time.
Dun worry too much about this. It's a part of ur life. There are always UP's and DOWN's in life. Take it as this is a 'DOWN'.
Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst. Good luck! :3

10-23-2013, 11:13 AM
If you don't understand Chinese, it simply means failure is the mother (root) of success.
A failure means nothing.
It is a learning experience that counts.
Learn from your failures.
Pick yourself up.