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06-04-2011, 07:20 PM
First, I'm totally psyched that this exists, and look forward to using it!

However, I'm having trouble building some of the samples. I've tried with both XCode 3 and XCode 4, using Mac OS X 10.6.7 and the latest iOS SDK installed. RTBareBones does build and run successfully for me, but the other samples seem to have issues.

In RT3DApp, the first problem I have is that the game, interfaces and audio folder references show as broken. This seems to be an issue in all of the samples apart from RTBareBones. After fixing this (by adding references to the folders in the media folder), the next problem I hit is a compile error, which I fixed in AudioObjectOS.h by changing:

AudioObjectOS * GetAudioObjectByID(uint32 id);


AudioObjectOS * GetAudioObjectByID(UInt32 id);

After making those changes, it builds but quits soon after running. The console reports the following errors, which seem to mainly refer to missing files.

Are there required files that are missing from SVN, or am I doing something wrong here? Any help would be much appreciated...

2011-06-04 12:19:42.783 RT3DApp[29487:207] Save path is /Users/scottschafer/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/4.3.2/Applications/CCF669C3-BAD9-4103-8552-C1F7920B211B/Documents/
2011-06-04 12:19:42.784 RT3DApp[29487:207] ERROR: Cannot mount virtual file system using /Users/scottschafer/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/4.3.2/Applications/CCF669C3-BAD9-4103-8552-C1F7920B211B/RT3DApp.app/game.zip
2011-06-04 12:19:42.785 RT3DApp[29487:207] Error finding APK file to load resources
2011-06-04 12:19:42.805 RT3DApp[29487:207] /Users/scottschafer/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/4.3.2/Applications/CCF669C3-BAD9-4103-8552-C1F7920B211B/Documents/save.dat doesn't exist
2011-06-04 12:19:42.809 RT3DApp[29487:207] initting irrlicht
Irrlicht Engine version 1.7.1-beta
Using renderer: OpenGL ES-CM 1.1 APPLE
Apple Computer, Inc.
GL_OES_blend_equation_separate GL_OES_blend_func_separate GL_OES_blend_subtract GL_OES_compressed_paletted_texture GL_OES_depth24 GL_OES_draw_texture GL_OES_fbo_render_mipmap GL_OES_framebuffer_object GL_OES_mapbuffer GL_OES_matrix_palette GL_OES_packed_depth_stencil GL_OES_point_size_array GL_OES_point_sprite GL_OES_read_format GL_OES_rgb8_rgba8 GL_OES_stencil_wrap GL_OES_stencil8 GL_OES_texture_mirrored_repeat GL_OES_vertex_array_object GL_EXT_blend_minmax GL_EXT_discard_framebuffer GL_EXT_read_format_bgra GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic GL_EXT_texture_lod_bias GL_APPLE_framebuffer_multisample GL_APPLE_texture_2D_limited_npot GL_APPLE_texture_format_BGRA8888 GL_APPLE_texture_max_level GL_IMG_read_format GL_IMG_texture_compression_pvrtc
2011-06-04 12:19:42.811 RT3DApp[29487:207] Irrlicht initted
2011-06-04 12:19:42.818 RT3DApp[29487:207] Refusing orientation 1
2011-06-04 12:19:42.875 RT3DApp[29487:207] iPad detected
2011-06-04 12:19:42.877 RT3DApp[29487:207] Loading texture interface/summary_bg.rttex
2011-06-04 12:19:42.877 RT3DApp[29487:207] Couldn't load surface interface/summary_bg.rttex
2011-06-04 12:19:42.878 RT3DApp[29487:207] ResourceManager::GetSurfaceAnim: Unable to load interface/summary_bg.rttex
Assertion failed: (vSize.x != 0 && vSize.y != 0), function EntitySetScaleBySize, file /Users/scottschafer/Documents/proton sdk.478/RT3DApp/../shared/Entity/EntityUtils.cpp, line 1442.

06-05-2011, 01:11 AM
Welcome to the forums!

First, oops on the int32 thing, I broke that a few days ago, will fix that in svn soon, thanks.

Second - on resource building - my wiki help on building RTSimpleApp for MSVC++ (http://www.rtsoft.com/wiki/doku.php?id=proton:win_setup2) covers how resources work, check it out, even though it sounds like you're doing this Mac only.

The short answer is you need to run RT3DApp/media/update_media.bat to build it first.

The bad news: You need Windows to do it, as so far the utility (rtpack.exe) has not been ported to anything else. (the source for rtpack IS in svn though if anybody wants to do it..)