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11-07-2013, 04:24 AM
Well nobody does this which is weird but i guess ill start us all off? I was born in alaska and after 9 years my parents realised the school system there was terrible and the church there threatened us if we decided to move. So we decided to move anyway and i end up in texas and my dad finds out he has cancer. And its going to kill him eventually but im still enjoying him alive. Anyway when i was about 9 i wanted to create a website about cookies (for whatever reason) my dad told me i had to learn html and i spent 6 months and i did (using w3schools.com and playing with html alot) i went onto javascript(javascript was html on steriods for me) > css(boring) > c(didnt learn much its useless)>c++(still kinda newbie to it) > ruby > gml(mastered) > (now learning flash)

Anyway code is fun because its simply code. (But some codes are just boring and useless, no offense python.)my name is brennan, im christian, my favorite color is green, i love monstercat music, my age is only known to some, and the only sport i give a fly about is hockey because its mostly entertaining to me.

And for all you strict forumers out there, yes this thread is pointless (which is why it was put in the rtsoft tavern section.)