View Full Version : The Land of Dead, Mangled, Horse Carcasses

11-07-2013, 10:02 PM
Also know as the Growtopia section of these forums. :nope:

Seriously. There is just so, so much beating of dead horses there... A question must not be considered answered there until at least 15 people post the exact same thing in their own wording. (I understand sometimes the first two responses or so will be really close in terms of time (within a minute or two), as if they were being typed at the same time as each other. This is forgivable, but posts that come 10+ minutes later are not.)

This is a sort of rant. It bugs me. I see a thread with a lot of replies, I expect maybe some discussion I could enjoy. NOPE! Just ten people saying the same exact thing, over and over again. If it's a thread about opinions, fine, you can all have similar opinions. But if someone asked a question, and it got answered in the first post... Please, PLEASE, don't beat the dead horse! Dead horses don't like that!

I don't know why everyone feels the need to answer the questions over and over again... Perhaps they want to be helpful, which is nice and I think it's great we have such a helpful and kind community here on the forums, but if the question was already answered then you're not being helpful by answering it a second time. Or a third time... Or an eighth time... You're just wasting anyone's time who actually read the thread. Maybe if you had read the thread before responding, we wouldn't be having these issues.

So let's all try to work together, and end this madness. PETA would have a cow if they saw this.

I didn't want to discuss this in the Growtopia section as it does not really pertain to Growtopia, but rather the forums in general. So here I am, saying my piece in the taverns to anyone who will listen.