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11-11-2013, 10:18 AM
WARNING: This will only work on an computer/laptop and to be an experienced computer user or get a parent to help!

The SUPERAnti Spyware was shown to me by my father and is a 100% safe downloadable software. This software will remove any sort of bug, virus, malware etc from your computer. You may also tell it to search/scan your computer device. This will tell you how many bugs, viruses and cookies have been detected on your computer!

You may click the link below and it will the. Being you the website where you can download it.
To Download this Sofware please read every step below carefully.

How to Install SUPERAnti Spyware

Follow Evey Single Step Carefully and You will Succesfully Install This Software!

Step 1. Once you are brung to the website you will then Want to click the button called <Free Edition Download>. You will then be brung to a new screen. It will thank you for downloading the software, the size of this will be 27.1MB for most people. If your file does not download click the following button <Click Here>.

2. Once you have installed this software. Down at the bottom corner(the opposite side of the start button) will be a little tab with and arrow next to it. Click that to bring up the hidden icons. Once done so there will be a picture of bug of some type. That is the ocean for the SUPERAnti Spyware system.

3. You should then see a new window open up like the one below.
You will then want to click the "Check for Updates" Tab.

Step 4. Now you should see a new smaller
window open showing the updates being installed
once completing installing the updates click Close

Step 5. Now you will return to the main window, here under "scan type" over on the left hand side click complete scan and then click "scan your computer"

Step 6. Now here you have several options to choose from and select.

•Select the drives you want to be included in the scan

•Under complete scan make sure your selection from Active scan boos(tm) - Low Boost or High Boost. Here just select Active Boost and low boost.

•Here under "Archive Scanning" select "Scan inside .Zip Archives"

Now start on complete Scan

Step 7. Now SUPERAnti Spyware is scanning your computer for malicious infections. This can take a while so please be patient and let it complete the scan.

Step 8. Now your scan should be completed.
It has found several threats but these are not serious threats but still have to be removed.
In the main menu check all the boxes next to the threats and then right at the bottom of the main window hit the Remove threats button.

Step 9. Here just click Confirm and Continue.

Step 10. The threats are being removed from the computer and when it has finished removing from your computer and when it has finished removing them click on the finished button.

Step 11 [LAST STEP]. To finish off you may be prompted to reboot your computer/laptop and if you are just click on Reboot Now.

You Are Now finished installing SUPERAnti Spyware. Once complete I recommend you delete/remove any system restore points from system restore if you had a virus or Trojan infection and making a freash new clean one. Also remove temp files, clean out the web browser cache, empty the recycle bin etc. you can use a small program called Ccleaner for performing these tasks.

Also make a back up of your registry too just in case the future things turn horrible again. Also please remember to keep all security software up to date and your windows update is set to install updates automatically too.

Thank you for reading and have a good day!


11-15-2013, 04:16 AM
Cool, but i use titanium security. Isnt this program like the top ten antivirus programs?

11-15-2013, 06:10 AM
Yes this is one of the top safest programs out there!