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balcon choo
08-25-2011, 08:57 AM
Just manage to finish playing the Dink Smallwood original game and it sub game name "Mystery Island" (both) after a week of downloading it.

And I has some questions (wonders) in my mind, as below :

A) The magician, who teach Dink the 1st magic (fireball), just vanished (when off) after teaching him a low level magic? That really not too responsible of him. :sweatdrop:

B) Who or what really killed Dink mum's? Seem like a plot when I saw the way the house being burn so accidently just after Dink (the last survivor of his kind (human magic weilder)) being found by the magician, the 1st though come in my mind is someone else want Dink die, but killed Dink mum instead when she did not tell them where is Dink, since Dink has when off to find the nuts. So I though Dink is doing on a mission to hunt or find the clues of his mum death. But the story not really has anything about this. :crazy:

C) Getting 200 coins, is just enough to pass the bridge right? (with some extra). Though I saw some say in their walkthrough somehow get enough gold to even buy the "Herb Boot". That come with some cheat right? (I read those walkthrough after I reach the Darkland, as I want to know how much I had miss, but luckily I did not, the only thing I miss is the buying the Herb Boot before pass the bridge and also the monster in the cave can skip by going down somewhere?)

D) Any different to the game if I did not kill my uncle? Dink abusive aunt husband? As I saw there is a house on sale, so the 1st thing come into my mind is I can buy that house in later stage and ask Aunt Marry to come over, of which, it did not happen, as I cant find the owner of the house to buy it. And later part, there is even a furnisher seller at Kernsin, did I miss something or the seller did not even exist in the game? What the point of the house then? :sweatdrop:

E) The magical scroll from the captive in the abandon mine, is it really a magic? make it as a item that can be reused is more likely, as this is the only magic that can be use in only 1 screen i.e. to destroyed the magic barrier and no other place has to be use, not even need to revisit the place for 2nd time. Redundant magic spell. :crazy:

F) Since talk about magic, why there are 8 slots of magic, whereas only 4 magic spell available (Not too important but just wonder). :sweatdrop:

G) After rescuing the little girl, why their house not getting any cleaner and repair, as the mother always say she dont have heart to clean anymore since her daughter missing?

H) In Kernsin map, there is a special stair leading to a person (near the beach) who sell me something called purse bow (cant remember the spelling, but is it a skill or actual item? But I dont see any item in my inventory), I think this may not for all player, but to me, I brought this before I brought the actual bow (1k gold) in Kernsin weapon shop, hence, I did not really know what is the use of the purse bow I buy. Anyone can tell me, what is it for? Thx :)

I) Using the bow, I manage going into the Goblin Santuary, and kill all the guards and lure Mog out, after which, burst their plan, and the Goblin seem nothing happen after/during the parade, are they just called off the attack? Just like that? Not even run or attack anyway? And when I return to the Goblin Santuary, just like normal, I am not their enemy or friend? I can killed again the same guards and not respawn for 3rd time, is that right? As such, I show them mercy, and I dont killed them for 2nd time. I think the only Goblin that die in my assault is actually their leader "Mog" or maybe he being taken away by the castle guard, which nothing indicate the outcome of the scene. And for the Cast member, no one even border to care about them, after they trying to make such a big plot over the Kernsin people..... :crazy:

J) Now the bridge to Windemere being repair, crossing it, I saw 3 house of which 2 are not assessible but got owner within it, but the enterable house has a woman can use fireball, of which there are also a cast member who killed the prisoner in the abandon mine using fireball (just come into my mind and remember), but as far as I remember, the 1st magician that Dink meet said clearly that he is the only human magic wielder left in this world? how could those 2 know how to use fireball? And come to it, many of the later spell like acid rain & mega fireball are being teach by human as well.

K) Getting to boom the rock at the Duck Idol, take me sometimes to locate the correct spot to place the boom, as I was diversify by another crack within the rock at the place which has rocks resemble a arrow pointing down. Of which, up to now, I still wonder what the purpose of those rocks, anyone out there know? Please. :)

L) Talking about boom, is there any other used for it? just to boom destroying a rock at the Duck Idol or hurt/kill monster in luck. :crazy:

M) There is a tree which I can't burn it down and it laugh back at me, what is the purpose of it? just for fun? :sweatdrop:

N) In Windemere, the weapon seller claim he is a pirate and buried his treasure in some place, of which, I found the place with a sign board saying ("name" is here) (I forget his name). So did I able to dig it out? :crazy: Anyone know? please :)

O) In the Big Duck Island, there is a system gap at the bridge which I can walk on the water, and giving me oppurtunies to go many places and dig up some potions and others. But when I study the map via the map-editer, just wanted to know, did I reach all the place of the game or not, I notice there is a snowy place with a house and 2 guards (look like the cast member) and somehow I cant reach them, can they be reach? Thank :)

P) Now I can go into the Goodheart Castle, those castle guards block the way to the table which has a potion on it? Why? Is the potion is just for decoration?

Q) In Ice Castle, the only thing that good is only a Heart Container? The magician in the castle just go off and that it? Not even give Dink any new spell? What a waste. And the castle suppose is the Goblin castle 100 years ago, though the goblin maybe really all die in that place 100 years ago, but it is not wrong to put atleast few survivor in the castle and make it either lively a bit (happy to see other then them is still alive) or even need to fight over them, the fact is human put them into such hell of freezing. :)

R) In the Darkland, the final boss "Seth" (not know why, maybe the game creator like us to kill him, wakakaakaa just jk, sorry :sweatdrop:). Before fighting with him, there is a lost soul ship, when you attack it, he will just run away, anyway to kill it? Any reason for it existance?

S) This is something I really dont understand, after completing the game (final boss), return to the King, and he give Dink more potions? What the main reason? Nothing in the game are needed to be kill anymore, why still increase Dink power? And Dink said, the hardess part is to inform the death news of Milder to his girlfriend, which I return to her, but nothing special actually happen. :crazy:

T) And for the next ver of Dink "Mystery Island", It is just a 30 min game? Pass over a sea then ended on a Island by throwning overboard by a storm and not even know is this the Island that Dink is originally going to or not in the 1st place, then punch/kick some camera, **** up a duck? fight with never ending robots (sure die, and need reload) and then open a gate and lastly use your own son to kill the last boss? WAKAKAKAKAKAKA..............
What about the letter the King send? Where did Dink go with a beautiful woman "Cass" with the flying machine? (As he even **** a duck, what do he do with such a girl? :o) What will happend to the number 3, will he survive?

I think that about all the "Wondering" from me, wakakakakaakaka.... Seth, if you are free, please reply me via m2602b5@yahoo.com and make a copy in this thread too. thx for the 1 week of fun. Really appreciated. :)

09-07-2011, 05:30 AM
Dink was just a poorly planned game. Try not to worry about it.

Killing Jack doesn't affect the story at all. But it's a real dick move considering he's letting you live in his house for free.

If you go to that ice screen dink will say "I have come to get my meat". I don't know what it means at all. It doesn't go anywhere.