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11-19-2013, 07:44 PM
This is going to be huge. Soon I will be getting a 'Game capture HD' for PC/ps3! And uploading videos to YouTube. I will be doing around 4 videos a day. If anyone is interested being part of a videos for YouTube submit a comment down below. If you want to add me on ps3, my name is Edvoid20. This is a project I'm working on, lets say an online social club! So, if you want to play apart in some videos submit why you want to be in them. This is going to be a long project but well worth it. Channel name Edvoid20! Might change the name to something more team work. Hope you like this idea, hope you apply. Games I will be recording, will be Growtopia, and ps3/ps4 games. Good luck, and fingers crossed for the near future.

Channel name: Edvoid20

Peace out people, Edward.