View Full Version : Free iTunes Gift cards (Great for Growtopia)

11-24-2013, 01:04 AM
Ok, so I found a way to get free iTunes gift card codes
Step 1: go to FeaturePoints on google on a iOS device.
Step 2: Go to the first page
Step 3: Tap start now, a pop-up should come up saying to install an application, accept it
Step 4: open the app
Step 5 (Optional): add my referral code (gets you a few extra points and a certain percentage of mine) code: QRANJ0.
Step 6: download apps to get points (use for 30 seconds do all tutorials if it's a game) you can delete the apps afterwards
Step 7: Have fun with iTunes or other rewards!

I got bored so I decided to share this with you all!