View Full Version : For those who dont know who markiplier is

11-25-2013, 06:44 AM

I remember markiplier when he was about 50,000 subs, he now holds a record for fastest growth on youtube. He has around 1 million now, but i know what you are thinking "oh great another pewdiepie/tobuscus/happy wheels player" the thing about markiplier is if you know his entire story (in draw my life) his entire intention now is charity. He does lots of charity live-streams and sticks mainly on horrer/rage games (many times hidden indie games) what made me subscribe to him and not unsubscribe (like i did with toby and pewdie) was mainly his voice (he sounds like a radio show host) and his humor that isnt "i hate this monster **** ****" he actually has REAL humor. He is one of my 3 subscribed people.

Oh and those who know me in game when i say "THEN I BUY POTATOES TO MAKE HOME COUNTRY PROUD" thats also from markiplier


Just trust me when i say this, he is easily a hidden gem on youtube. Not trying to sound like an advertiser but hes pretty epic. (His main thing is pink mustaches)